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Sterimar Breathe Easy Daily

100% natural sea water-based nasal spray


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Product Description

100% Natural Sea Water based Nasal Sprays; GP no.1 recommended brand suitable for vegans & vegetarians

Helps improve breathing so enhancing the quality of sleep; Cleanses and eliminates impurities (dust, mucus, allergens...)

Helps prevent Ear, Nose and Throat disorders by strengthening the nasal lining's defense; Helps prevent colds by washing out nasal cavities

For more than 40 years Sterimar has been helping families breathe free, naturally. Breathe Easy Daily was developed to support good nasal hygiene and ensure the vital functions of the nose are not altered. Suitable for the whole family from 3 years and up.

The Isotonic formula has an equal sodium chloride (salt) concentration to that of the human body cells so is recommended for cleansing and prevention through routine application. The Sea Water formula is rich in naturally occuring trace elements and marine minerals which are essential for the growth and balance of nasal mucous cells.


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